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Is a Direct-Hire service, where our company searches and recruits candidates for your company's full-time and  permanent job openings.  This service allows your company to enhance its Recruiting and Talent Acquisition department, and allows us to support the administrative and recruitment burden during full-time job searches.  We utilize our own resources to recruit, evaluate, and screen, as well as interview, prospective candidates for your company’s job openings.   

CONTRACT PLACEMENT -  Is a hiring option that can provide your company flexibility and a quick means to procure and release employees.  Contractors are hired on a 1099 basis, and can be used to complete specialized projects, work as freelancers, add extra talent to help meet your deadlines, and can be used to fill in for a specialized position during business surges or when one of your permanent staff goes on leave-of-absence. Contract employees are always ultra-qualified professionals, and are available for short-term or long-term job assignments.

CONTRACT-TO-PERM PLACEMENT - Is similar to Contract Placements, and can be used to evaluate a worker’s performance prior to making permanent placement job offers. Contract-to-Perm services are geared to allow for quick hiring, as well as a means to test-drive a worker and ensure a good fit with your company, job responsibilities, and co-workers.  


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